We live in an age of silos. Siloed identities. Siloed interest groups pursuing the separate advancement of siloed populations. Identitarian concerns have institutional backers pushing to enshrine group allocations in our law and culture, to replace as our national goal the equal protection of all Americans with an equity of results for the subsets of our population they would break us into.

But Americans, first and foremost, are individuals, with a shared history, culture, and legal tradition. Americans’ civil rights are individual rights, equally held by all (regardless of whether those rights are understood as a positive enactment of centuries of ratifiers or as the common endowment of all children from nature and nature’s God). That core observation shaped the legal commands of the Constitution and serves as the root, moral foundation of our nation. It cannot be replaced without working terrible injustice and irreparable damage to our national order.

The American Civil Rights Project exists to protect and, where necessary, restore the primacy of all Americans’ shared civil rights. The ACR Project exists to remind us of who and what we are and want to be, to hold us to the higher standards enshrined in our law (and to suggest ways to better enshrine them). The ACR Project exists to counter the identitarian alternative and to assure that our national progress remains directed toward a more perfect union. The ACR Project exists to systematically sponsor litigation, file administrative complaints, participate in rulemaking, and educate both government leaders and the public, all to facilitate improvement in the law (and, through it, in our national culture).